Hey there beauty! Did you have a good weekend? It was rainy and grey in Denmark. The weekend was perfect for cuddling up with a book and a cup of tea. Today I will make an eye makeup tutorial. It’s an easy look to do yourself whether you are hitting the town with your girls for a night out or you are going to work. That’s totally up to your comfort zone. For me this is an everyday makeup look, but if you are not that much of a makeup person, you can totally rock this for the night too!

The things you are going to use for this look are:

A primer: If you don’t have a primer, you can mix half and half concealer/foundation and day crème. It will not work as well as a primer does, but it’s better to use that solution than to wear nothing under your makeup. The reason why you use a primer is to prevent that your eye shadow stain on your lids, to make it more pigmented, to fill out fine lines if you have any and make it last longer without creasing. I used the Urban Decay Primer potion in original for this tutorial.

A liquid or gel liner: I have used the Eyko skinny liquid liner in black. If you are not comfortable using liquid liner, this step is totally optional, but it will frame your eyes beautifully and make it look like you have more lashes for a more dramatic look.

Normal water line eyeliner: This step Is also optional, but most girls I know use it. I have used the Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero for the look which is black eyeliner. You can use any color you want! If you want a more playful look why not try a green or blue liner?

A lash curler: Again this step is optional but it is a good idea to curl your lashes.

Mascara: Use your favorite mascara here wherever you want for length or volume. I have used a combination of the Urban Decay eyelash primer and the Too faced Lash injection for this look.

Makeup brushes: I have used the Too faced teddy bear hair collection for this tutorial. Number one is your normal brush. It’s for applying the color. 2 Is the blender. Is for blending it all together and 3 is a very precise pointed brush for liner. If you don’t have any brushes you can settle with buying number 2. Any soft blending brush will be fine. You can’t do detailed work with just that one, but you can actually both add color and blending with that one with a very decent result. But buy a good one. A makeup artist is only as good as the brushes.


Eyeshadow: I am using the Urban Decay naked 2 for eye shadow. You can use any copy that is out there for this look or you can use the eye shadows you have in your collection right now. The most important thing is contrast. We go from light to dark here, so try to find some colors that are similar to the colors I chose for this look. As you can see I have listed the colors for this look with numbers after the order you are using them in.



Start off with applying a primer all over your eye from the lid to your brow bone in a small layer. Take color number 1 (I use YDK) and apply it with brush 1 all over the lid in a dabbing motionstap1


Now apply color number 2 (I use busted) with brush number 1 and dab it on top of the first color in a sort of < like shape as you can see in the picture.



Blend it in with brush number 2 with a feather like soft motion. Start from the outer corner of your eye and into the middle of your eyelid.



Now take color number 3 (I use tease) with brush number 2 and blend in into you crease. If you are not used to this step, start off with a very little amount of eye shadow and slowly build it up. The crease color should be smoked and shadow like. So be careful to not apply to much as it will give harsh lines. You should start from the outer corner and blend the color through the middle of the eye as showed in the picture below. It should only touch the two colors you applied before but NOT overlap. The crease is where your skin is folding together when you open your eye.



Now apply color number 4 ( I used Blackout) with brush number 2 in the very much outer corner in a sort of like < shape and slowly drag it up to your crease color and blend it a little into the crease but try to not drag it to far inwards.



Now take color number 5 (I used bootycall) and dap it in the inner corners of your eye with brush number to. I recommend cleaning it in the inside of your hand first.



Use color number 5 again with brush number 2 and apply to your brow bone and all the way down to the crease and blend well.



take color number 2 again and apply it with brush number 3 for a small line. It should be a very thin line.



Now take color number 1 and brush 3 and drag it from the outer corner in to the middle and blend it a little into the color you applied before.



Now apply Liquid eyeliner, regular eyeliner and mascara as you normally would.


Complete makeup with closed eyes. I used Bellapierre lipliner in cinnamon and Too faced Naturel lip case for my lips.


And here is the result! I hope you all liked this tutorial. And remember practice makes perfect!


Let me know in the comments below what kind of tutorial you want me to do next! If you want to stay updated on more make-up looks feel free to follow me on Instagram!